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Are you thinking of investing in crawlspace waterproofing? You’ve made a great decision for your property. Waterproofing your crawl space will keep it safe from water damage and pest infestation. It will also help to make your home more energy-efficient. Waterproofing your crawl space will improve the value of your home.

If your crawl space has been damaged, you should look for a professional crawlspace waterproofing contractor. When you’ve identified a contractor to repair and waterproof your crawl space, the following are steps to get ready for the actual waterproofing.

Basement repair

  1. Have your crawlspace inspected
    If you’re working with a professional and reliable contractor, an inspection of your crawlspace is one of the first things that will be done in preparation for waterproofing. The inspection helps to identify issues in your crawl space that should be attended to prior to waterproofing. For example, you may have some plumbing leaks in the crawlspace. An inspection will reveal this problem and allow you to fix it before waterproofing.
  1. Clear out the crawlspace
    Clearing out the crawlspace is important to enable the crawlspace waterproofing team to work efficiently. Find temporary storage for items that you still want to keep. You can store them in your shed, pantry, or other parts of your home.

Basement repair

  1. Fix issues in your crawlspace
    Take advantage of the waterproofing process to have issues in your crawlspace repaired. For example, you can have your plumber repair leaks or electricians deal with loose wiring. If your crawl space has pests or mold, invest in pest control or mold remediation services to get rid of any infestation. If there are structural problems, now is the time to have them repaired.
  1. Clean and repair gutters and downspouts
    Preparing your crawlspace for waterproofing shouldn’t be limited to the crawlspace. You should also consider other factors that affect your crawlspace. A reliable crawlspace waterproofing contractor can help you identify these factors. One such factor is the state of your gutters and downspouts. If these are clogged, leaking or draining too near the crawlspace, they will continue to wreak havoc on your crawl space even after the waterproofing. It is therefore important to ensure that they are cleared of debris and repaired. You should also make sure they drain far away from the foundation.

Is your home ready for crawlspace waterproofing? Use the tips above to help you prepare for waterproofing. They will make the process more efficient and ensure you can enjoy the benefits for the long term.