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Basement ventilation is a controversial topic. Some people will tell you not to ventilate your basement while others will tell you ventilation is important for your entire home including your basement. Basement ventilation is important as the conditions in your basement have an impact on indoor air quality in the upper levels of your home. However, those against ventilation argue that ventilation will compromise basement waterproofing.

If you’re concerned about ventilation and basement waterproofing, it is best to consult with a waterproofing contractor. Contrary to popular belief, these contractors don’t only focus on installing waterproofing systems. They also ensure other factors that affect the health of your basement are considered. They can therefore be of great assistance in determining the best way to ventilate your basement and ensure that it remains clean and dry.


Here’s how a professional contractor can help.

  1. They will help you seal your windows

Natural ventilation is one of the best and cheapest ways to ventilate your basement. It’s as simple as throwing your basement windows open. However, windows in the basement are one of the most common entry points for moisture in the basement. A professional contractor will help you ensure you can ventilate your basement without allowing excess moisture into the space. They can help you with selection of windows and their installation. They will seal the windows for you to prevent penetration of moisture. They can also install window wells and drainage systems to keep excess moisture out.

  1. They will help you select a ventilation system

Natural ventilation may be a great option in the summer when the weather is good. However, you can’t throw open your windows when the weather is bad. You will need to find an alternative to ventilate your basement. Professional contractors can help you determine the best option for your home. They will guide you through the options available in the market and help you select and install a system that meets your needs. A whole home ventilation system will ensure air circulation within the entire home including the basement without compromising basement waterproofing.


  1. They will help you select a dehumidifier

While circulation of air helps to improve the quality of air in your basement, you may need to go a step further to reduce the levels of humidity in your basement. A humidifier will remove the moisture in the air and reduce it to healthy levels. A professional contractor can help you select a humidifier with the right features and the best size for your needs.

Are you grappling with how to ventilate your basement? Talk to your basement waterproofing contractor for guidance.