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Come to think of it, many people tend to ignore their crawlspaces. As a result, many crawlspaces are often dark, wet, cold and stuffy. But you cannot disregard the importance of a crawlspace in your home.

The crawlspace plays the important role of raising your house above the ground to avoid flooding and cases such as insect invasions. In contrast to slab foundations, crawlspaces leave room below the house, which can be used to accommodate electrical installations, ductwork and plumbing. You can also use the crawlspace to store items that you don’t use often.

There is one key problem when it comes to maintaining crawl spaces – they are prone to moisture problems. But even though you may not be using your crawlspace frequently, water intrusion into this space is undesirable.


Water and moisture can damage the core structure of your crawl space and affect the entire house. Damp conditions are also associated with problems such as growth of mold, bacteria and mildew. You can avoid all these problems through crawlspace waterproofing. Here are five main reasons why crawlspace waterproofing is essential.

  1. Improves the Quality of Indoor Air
    As much as 50% of the air inside a crawlspace can circulate upwards into the living space. If this air is humid and fumy, it will contaminate the air that you breathe indoors. This can expose you and your family members to health problems such as allergies, headaches, and respiratory illnesses.
  1. Helps Reduce Energy Costs
    The air in a crawl space may be too cold, hot or humid. This may require you to run your HVAC equipment longer so as to stay comfortable. But if a professional crawlspace waterproofing company works on your crawlspace, this space will be dry and you will not need to run HVAC systems longer to control your indoor air quality. This translates to significant savings on energy costs.


  1. Protects the Structural Integrity of Your House
    Too much moisture can damage concrete walls, wood and metal beams. Such an environment is also inviting for termites and other insects which can cause more damage to the structure of your crawl space and the entire house.
  1. Creates More Space
    With a crawl space that is dry and clean, you have more space to store different types of items. A dry crawl space can also be used more effectively for works such as plumbing and electrical repairs.
  1. Helps Reduce Electrical Hazards
    Damp conditions in the crawlspace can cause electrical problems such as short circuits, rusted wires or even fires. You need crawlspace waterproofing to avoid these problems.