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Have you noticed an increase in humidity in your home? If you have a crawlspace, it may be the reason your home has become uncomfortable. The state of your crawl space affects the conditions in the rest of your home. While you could get used to the increase in humidity in your home, there are other effects that a wet crawl space can have on your home and your life. If you’re hesitant about investing in crawlspace waterproofing, you may want to consider how a wet crawl space can have an impact on your life.


  1. Increase in your energy bills
    A wet crawl space will cause an increase in the humidity levels in your home. The effect of this will be more than simply making your home uncomfortable. It will make it harder to cool or heat your home. Air that is high in humidity requires more energy to cool or heat. Your energy bills will therefore increase as a result. Over time, your bills will become higher than what you would have paid for professional crawl space waterproofing services.
  1. Pest infestations
    Pests such as rodents and insects such as cockroaches love damp and dirty environments. Your wet crawl space will provide them with the perfect environment in which to thrive. However, they won’t limit themselves to your crawlspace. While they may make their nests and breeding sites in your crawlspace, they will seek food in your home. You will soon be dealing with a pest infestation if you don’t invest in crawl space waterproofing.


    1. Mold infestations
      If an insect or rodent infestation isn’t enough to convince you to invest in waterproofing, perhaps a mold infestation will be. Black mold is known to have toxic spores that cause serious health issues. While the mold may grow primarily in your crawlspace, the spores will be distributed in the air circulating in your home. Mold infestations are also known to spread quickly. You will soon need to pay for mold remediation services. You can save yourself the expense and trouble by simply having your crawlspace waterproofed.

Hire a professional waterproofing company

Crawlspace waterproofing is more involved than DIYers in online videos will tell you. There are many things that DIYers overlook and end up paying for in the long term. Contact a professional waterproofing company for the best results. It will be money invested in your home and the health of your household.