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When winter is approaching, many homeowners take the time to winterize their homes. Protecting the plumbing is a top priority for homeowners. This is because frozen pipes can result in serious damage to the plumbing system in the home. This will not only mean a disruption in your water supply but also could result in flooding.

Just as it is important to protect the plumbing in your home from freezing, it is also important to prevent the freezing of the discharge lines from your main sump pump as well as your battery backup system. Frozen discharge lines can mean damage to your sump pump system, which can be costly to repair.

Sump pump

The following are some tips to help you protect your sump pump and battery backup system during winter.

1. Run Your Sump Pumps Frequently

One of the main reasons why plumbing freezes during winter is that there is excess water in the system that isn’t running. You can prevent the freezing of your sump pump drains by preventing water from standing for too long. Run your sump pump and the battery backup system often to move any water in the system. Running the pumps will also help you ensure that the water is running.

2. Insulate Exposed Discharge Pipes

Water will freeze when it is exposed to freezing temperatures. If there are parts of the discharge lines that are exposed to freezing air outside the home, it is important to have these parts insulated. This will prevent the pipes from freezing and keep the water flowing in winter.

3. Take Advantage of Gravity

While sump pumps are designed to force water through a discharge line even against gravity, you can still make use of gravity to help protect your sump pump and battery backup system from freezing. Install the discharge lines with a slight slope to them. This will help water to drain out of the lines even when the sump pump is not operating. It will keep the discharge lines clear of water and thus prevent freezing.

Sump pump

Talk to a Waterproofing Expert

Are you concerned about your sump pump system freezing during winter? You can discuss the best options for protecting your system with a waterproofing professional. Our professionals will inspect your basement and provide you with solutions to protect your system during winter. We will help ensure the efficiency and longevity of your system.

Contact the Professionals at Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh Today! (833) 388-3837