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How Is a Foundation Built?

  • Step One: Dig Hole
  • Step Two: Pour Footers
  • Step Three: Build Walls
  • Step Four: Pour Floor
  • Step Five: Backfill
house foundation under construction

Building Defects: What You Need to Know

Because homes are constructed with human hands, mistakes and imperfections are built right in.

  • There is no “lemon law” to protect buyers of defective homes. In truth, the American consumer has more protection when buying a refrigerator or a television than a new home.
  • In many states, houses are built by people who are unlicensed and unregulated.
  • Inspectors who pass on defective construction cannot be held legally responsible. Local governments and their representatives are immune from lawsuits over defective construction.
  • The law is stacked against the consumer: In most situations, a bankrupt builder can continue to build homes under a different name.
    Inspections and warranties don’t always provide protection!

“Warranties are not intended to protect consumers. They’re designed to protect builders from open-ended liability.“

Ernie F. Roberts, Cornell University law professor

Home Maintenance Costs

Virtually all major home building materials require maintenance, updating, or eventual replacement.


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