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Get Your Clean, Dry, Healthy Basement Now, Pay Over Time. Ask About Our Great Financing Options!

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Find Answers to Questions About Basement Waterproofing, Damage and DIY Projects

Every situation is unique. The cost depends on many different factors including the location and intensity of the problem, the type of foundation, and more. Contact us for a free quote to find out exactly how much you can expect to pay to get the job done. We also offer free inspections!

Again, it’s hard to say because situations vary. Most waterproofing jobs can be completed within a few days, however, bigger jobs may take multiple days or potentially weeks to complete. Contact us for a free quote to find out exactly how long your project will take to complete. We also offer free inspections!

If there is any sign of water damage in your basement, it’s time to call a professional. We have a variety of services and products designed to solve the most common causes of water damage in your basement.

If you discover mold, signs of water seepage, cracks in the foundation or other indications of moisture invading your basement, schedule a FREE 20-point inspection with the experts at Ohio State Waterproofing and we can help guide you to the right solution for your home.

Not only can moisture in your basement cause long-term structural damage to your home, but it can also cause rust, peeling paint, stains, attract pests and insects, and more.

And experts agree that the financial loss incurred due to such problems can be severe. Calculated at between 15% to 25% of the value of the home. (ex. $100,000 home x -25% = $25,000 loss on value of the home).

Additionally, a wet, humid basement can quickly become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can be extremely hazardous to the health of your family.

To ensure the quality of our work, Ohio State Waterproofing offers a warranty for each of its basement waterproofing options. Warranty details vary depending on the service, so please contact us for details.

Basements are naturally humid due to the moist soil that surrounds them. Even if you don’t see standing water or leaks, high levels of moisture can cause serious damage to your basement, and to your air quality. To reduce indoor humidity, Ohio State Waterproofing offers the “E-Z Breathe Ventilation System” which helps ventilate and purify the air.

The professional technicians at Ohio State Waterproofing can quickly and safely make repairs to your home and have access to professional grade materials that the average homeowner would not be able to acquire. However, if you’re handy and just looking to do some simple crack repairs, see our guide for “Do It Yourself-ers.” For more advanced fixes, such as structural repairs, we always recommend you hire a professional.

No! Waterproofing paint is designed to seal walls and prevent moisture from seeping through. If there is a pre-existing leak, paint will do nothing to fix the problem. Contact Ohio State Waterproofing for foundation crack repairs to fix your leak once and for all.

Call Ohio State Waterproofing today for a free inspection to see if you need your basement waterproofed. If there are any signs of damage, we highly recommend you get any problems fixed before you put the house on the market. Waterproofing will increase the value of your home and save you trouble when a buyer starts to ask the tough questions.

Ohio State Waterproofing has serviced more than 80,000 basements since it was founded in 1978 – and the quality of our service speaks for itself. We have developed and patented some of the most up-to-date waterproofing solutions in the industry. See what our customers have to say about us!

If you’d like more information about Ohio State Waterproofing, please check out the following pages on our website:

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